SexyATTACK is taking sexyREQUESTS


sexyATTACKED radioshack and we had to run away.

Help sexyATTACK avoid more embarrassing premature endings, by giving us a little something sexy to keep us going ALL NIGHT LONG.

(aka, we would love to buy a new boombox, because that was traumatic)

we are taking requests.
But nothing in life is guaranteed, and you never know when sexy will ATTACK!

So if we give you some sugar, we'd love some sugar in return!

(don't want to give us money? We also take tequila and sparkly pants.)

Comment and tell us when your events are and maybe you'll get some sexy!

Brian McCord, Patrick O’Brien Doyle, Christian Ochoa, Julia Wallace
Documentation Nancy Douthey


kymberlie said...

This is awesome. It's like our own hometown version of Improv Everywhere.

I was going to donate some money for a jukebox, but alas, the donation link was broken.

JuliaInTheRye said...

how embarrassing!
the link is fixed now, sorry!!


animalcracker said...

Great moves :) Olivia Newton John would be proud of the group.

Anonymous said...

Sexy should attack a place where there are people waiting in a line or lobby like a dmv, bank, medical or dental office. That would be so hilarious and would provide the patrons with some entertainment while they wait!

jaclynn said...

I want to be you! This looks so fun. I was a Sexy Attack virgin until this weekend. Then I was pleasured by you guys' performance multiple times on Saturday at Brazil, then the Lebowski party, then some of you at Boondocks. I love it, work it out!

Anonymous said...

do it at tootsie's. there is an open bar.

thommyTHUMB said...

come to highland village and i will buy you a new boom box. attack on a saturday night when the poor souls working retail night shifts need some cheering up. attack anthropology, the people who work there always seem so in need of some cheering up

Anonymous said...

If you wanna be noticed BIG TIME, why not do it at an Astros Game, a Rockets Game or an Aeros Game?

carmen geddit said...

Houston Roller Derby Psych Ward Sirens LOVE you guys! Your pure genious.

Sept 14
Houston Roller Derby Championship.
Sirens might Three-Peat.....

If one's creative geniousness was to run out in the center of the floor during our introductions we would surely win the Championship!

4pm doors open.
5pm action starts.

//carmen geddit \\

McClure said...

hey i wanna b a sexy attacker and antone knows me-i cant find his number but my phonell b back on today
this is amy!

Anonymous said...

Hey SexyAttackers,

I would like you all to sexyATtack a show, on November 19th at UH...are you guys up for it?
Im chairing/organizing the show but i think it would be quite interesting to see you guys crash it.
let me know if you guys are up to it

Anonymous said...

The ultimate challenge would be to Attack West University Kroger on Buffalo Speedway right in front of everyone at the checkout lanes.

Anonymous said...

Well, it's probably too late, but it would be awesome to have yall attack at the H Association BBQ tomorrow afternoon at UH.

Anonymous said...

I would like to request a sexyAttack at my wedding 09.05.09 at Indian Summer Lodge in the heights as a surprise for my fiance. totally happy to make a donation and a deposit... also happy to provide some sweet tshirts with his sexy little face on it to wear if you will take them and tell me how many you need. please contact me at lauren5181@yahoo.com with any questions/concerns and to provide me with shirt shipment location. xoxox

Anonymous said...

say, why you sexyATTACKin star when one of ya own works at pinks!??! give pinks some love dudes!

Anonymous said...

Please attack the Continental Club on April 3th between the hours of 7:30 and 9:30pm. Drinks all around!

Anonymous said...

A group of fans needs you to carry out the BEST sexyATTACK of 2009 and will pay you BIG MONEY!!!

contact me for

PLEASE!! Time is of the essence!

Anonymous said...

A group of fans needs you to carry out the BEST sexyATTACK of 2009 and will pay you BIG MONEY!!!

contact me for

PLEASE!! Time is of the essence!

Adam said...

Please, please, Sexy Attack Planned Parenthoods fundraiser "Party Like a Rockstar" on Aug 22 at Warehouse Live!!! We are getting over 500 people to attend the event.

Anonymous said...

You guys need to do a SexyATTACK at the Kroger store in Kennesaw, Georgia. If ya guys need plane tickets and more information (exact address and what not) hit me up at giodasiciliano@yahoo.com.