sexyKROGER part one

sexyATTACKED disco Kroger and got busted.

(the kroger on montrose)
Drew Bettge, Lindsay Burleson, Nancy Douthey, Ian Fernandez, Elizabeth Folwer, Brian McCord, Patrick O’Brien Doyle, Nick Teel, Tyson Urich, Julia Wallace
Documentation by Nancy Douthey


Anonymous said...

"what is it all about? what is you guys doin'?"

Nathan said...

I'm ashamed that the 'Trose Kroger would shut you down while the West Gray one would let it fly. Who knew.
Please attack the Menil again, I will live over there again in the next two weeks.

Meris said...

boo to the 'trose kroger!

you guys rock!

kam said...

i want to dance with you

Basting Babe said...

I think it's great the way you took over those spaces in Houston. I am missing Houston and missing the cougar landscape. Keep it up and have fun!